Chain Link Fence in Austin TX

Commercial Chain Link With Barbed Wire

Six foot tall commercial grade chain link fence in Austin with 3 strands of barbed wire on  top

We install Commercial grade chain link fence in Austin at any business where the desired effect is to protect your property. Chain Link with barbed wire is an effective deterrent. The heavy galvanized steel lasts many years without any maintenance necessary. If you want a little extra protection we can also wrap the top of the fence with razor wire.

Black Vinyl Chain Link Fence

Black vinyl chain link fence with a chain link gate. Posts are welded to base plates and anchored.

If you are looking for security and durability with a nicer look, a black vinyl chain link fence may be an option. This gives you all the benefits of a standard chain link fence but the nice vinyl coating has a better appearance than the standard galvanized.

Black Vinyl Chain Link Gate

Black vinyl chain link gate welded and installed on site to fit the opening precisely.

At Landmark Fence Company we are experts at steel work. We can build a gate on site to fit any opening. After we weld a black vinyl chain link gate and stretch the fabric to it, we wire brush our welds and paint over them with gloss black rust resistant paint.   

Green Vinyl Chain Link Fence Austin TX

Green vinyl chain link fence Austin is a more visually pleasing alternative to standard galvanized

As with all of our fences, we offer green vinyl chain link fence in 4', 5' and 6' tall for residential applications. We also carry 8' tall commercial grade chain link fence. The commercial fabric comes with a 9 gauge core and an 8 gauge finish, making it a strong and secure fence that will maintain structural integrity for many years to come.

Residential Chain Link Fences and Gates

Four foot tall residential chain link fence with a chain link gate installed in Austin 

Our residential chain link fence is a cost effective way to secure your pets without obstructing the view of the landscape. There will be no upkeep required and your fence will last for decades and decades. If you dislike the galvanized steel look then a black or green vinyl coated chain link fence might be a consideration.

Galvanized Chain Link Fence

6' tall commercial grade chain link fence in Austin TX

Landmark Fence Company in Austin installed this heavy duty commercial chain link fence with 2-3/8" schedule 40 corner posts, 2" sch.40 line poles, 2" sch. 40 top rail and 9 gauge chain link fabric. All of the posts are welded to 4"X4" base plates which are then anchored to the solid concrete foundation with half inch concrete anchors. Our light weight residential chain link fabric is 11-1/2 gauge. Our medium duty fabric is 11 gauge and is commonly used in residential and commercial applications. Finally our 9 gauge chain link fabric is for heavy duty commercial application. The standard mesh on a chain link fence is 2 and 1/4" but we also install chain link with a 2" mesh and in some cases a 1" mesh. The 1" mesh chain link is used on very specific commercial projects. If you want a chain link fence in Austin you are in the right place.

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