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Staining A Fence

Fence staining in Austin. This is a sample of some of the oil based fence stain colors we carry

Fence staining in Austin is the best way to protect your new investment and add life to the cedar wood. It can be discouraging to see your newly installed fence start turning grey so soon after installation due to the hot sun's damaging UV rays. When staining a fence in Austin there are several factors to consider. Probably the most important consideration is what type and brand of stain to use. Our favorite product is Wood Defender oil based fence stain. Wood Defender has a product specially designed to stain a fence and another product specially designed for staining decks. The oils deep penetrate the wood, so even after many years the stain doesn't flake off. The newly stained fence will be protected for its lifetime with our Wood Defender. Our product is UV resistant, mildew resistant, water resistant and also wood ant and termite resistant  We are Austin's fence staining and deck staining experts.

Fence Staining Service

Fence staining service

We offer a complete fence staining service and deck staining service in order to restore an old fence or deck or simply to enhance the beauty of your new fence while adding years of life to your investment.  Austin's hot summers can do a number on any outdoor wood project, which is why we have a variety of options to choose from when staining a fence. The Wood Defender oil based stains we use come in transparent, and semi-transparent tones that allow the original texture and look of the wood grain to show while still deep penetrating for maximum protection. We also use solid color stains when the fence staining or deck staining project demands 100% UV protection. While a solid color stain completely covers the wood grain it also gives complete protection from the sun. If the desired effect is to add life to a relatively old and damaged fence, staining a fence with a solid color stain can be the right choice.

Fence Staining and Deck Staining

Fence staining and deck staining

We understand that a new fence can be quite a hit on the pocket book, so we offer great deals on fence staining and deck staining when you have your new cedar fence or deck installed by us. Proper application of the stain will add years of life to your new home addition. All of our employees are trained in the necessary process to ensure the product is applied correctly. Not only do the buckets of stain need to be shaken, but it is vital that the product is stirred as well to maintain consistency with the pigments creating an even and not blotchy effect. We use professional airless sprayers in areas where over spray is not a worry. When staining close to the house or shed we use a thick stain brush, therefor we won't get the product in any unwanted places. We always take into concern the probability of getting unwanted chemicals into nearby swimming pools and take the precaution to make sure they are covered appropriately. 

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