Privacy Fence Austin, TX

Standard Privacy Fence

Our standard cedar privacy fence constructed with 5/8" thick 6" wide western red cedar pickets

Landmark Fence Company installs many variations of wood privacy fence in Austin, TX. Our standard style is constructed using 5/8" X 6"w X 6'h western red cedar pickets. We set a 4"x4" pressure treated pine fence post every 8 feet. We set our posts a minimum of eighteen inches in solid rock and two feet deep in soft ground and use 60 to 80 lbs. of concrete in each hole We then use two treated pine rails and nail the pickets to those rails with Duo-Fast hot dip galvanized ring shank nails.

Three Rail Privacy Fence With Steel Posts

Three rail privacy fence using 2 3/8" galvanized steel posts and 4" wide cedar pickets in Austin

There are a couple of additions easily added to our standard privacy fence that can make it sturdier if you or a neighbor has a large dog or if you just want the extra durability. The 2 3/8" galvanized steel posts are the best upgrade to any privacy fence. They are guaranteed to last forever and can be reused when the wood on the fence finally wears out and it's time for a full fence replacement. Adding a 3rd rail is also a way to ensure extra stability.

Horizontal Cedar Privacy Fence

Horizontal Cedar Privacy fence using western red cedar fence pickets attached to 4"x 4"cedar posts

Another elegant way to upgrade your wood fence is by having Landmark Fence Company install a horizontal cedar privacy fence. This one was constructed by attaching the cedar planks to the inside of 4"x 4" cedar posts so the posts are exposed from the outside of the fence. The minimal cost of this style of fence is well worth the improvement to the curb appeal your Austin home will have after having our fence installation experts create this new addition for you.

Horizontal Privacy Fence With 2" Spaces

Horizontal wood privacy fence is a growing trend among Austin homeowners.

Another one of our favorite designs is the horizontal privacy fence with gaps between the wood fence planks. There are two good reasons to add spaces between the boards. The first purpose is air flow. The second reason is because it looks great. We can get creative and alternate between 6" wide and 3" wide boards for an even more decorative effect

Horizontal Shadowbox Privacy Fence

Ten foot tall horizontal shadow box privacy fence in Austin Texas. The ultimate wood fence

When it comes to wood fences, the horizontal shadowbox is the ultimate privacy fence. The awesome design speaks for itself. This is a great style because the fence looks identical from both sides. This can solve any issues the two neighbors may be having on deciding who gets the pretty side. Both sides look great. Furthermore the amount of privacy or air flow through the fence can easily be built to your liking just by changing the amount of spacing between planks. 

Privacy Fence With Cap and Trim

This privacy fence Austin with a cap and trim stair steps down a limestone retaining wall perfectly

One of Landmark Fence Companies classics is the privacy fence with cap and trim. This style can staircase down hill with each section being exactly level if it needs to be installed perfectly on top of a limestone retaining wall. The cap and trim fence also looks great going at an upward or downward angle with the grade of the ground. we use a rough cut cedar 2"x 6" for the cap and either a 2" or 3" trim depending on what interests you more. All of our wood fences come in any variation in height from three feet tall to eight feet tall. Call Landmark Fence Company today and schedule a free consultation.

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